Sam Chalekian | How to Read Donald Trump
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How to Read Donald Trump

How to Read Donald Trump

Trump is indicative of several important issues in America:

    1. White Insecurity
      With the influx of new immigrants and expanding international business, America’s White hegemony is being threatened. Trump’s appeal therefore transcends class and education, pandering to feelings of insecurity felt by the so-called “Silent Majority”. He evokes a return to form for America, that is to say a jingoistic society with traditional gender roles and a powerful White establishment.
    2. The Dogma of Conservatism
      America’s Republican party is facing one of its darkest moments in the 2016 Election. The party lacks genuine, laudable representation and leadership, thus resorting to Trump as a mouthpiece.* Furthermore, dated policies on immigration, abortion, LGBTQ+ and other hot button topics have alienated voters. Last but not least, Republican neoliberal economic policies have led to an increased wealth gap and a severely damaged middle class.
    3. Sociopolitical Hypersensitivity
      Trump manifests in many ways the “common man’s” frustration against political correctness and doublespeak commonly associated with political campaigns. This comes at a time when discussing controversial issues like race, religion, and sexuality has become increasingly perilous. While Trump’s no nonsense, Uncle-who-ruins-every-Thanksgiving rhetoric initially made him popular amongst right-wing voters, he’s also managed to alienate large and important groups.
    4. The State of the News Industry
      Trump owes his popularity in large part to the news industry, who framed him as a legitimate Republican challenger to Hillary Clinton. Trump initially trailed in polls, but the press succeeded in strengthening and legitimizing his campaign through heavy reporting. Like many developed nations, America’s press is controlled and owned by various oligarchs. They report on what sells, and Trump is an excellent conversation piece.
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